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Let’s Press Play: Website Video Tips & Tricks

We had an interesting seminar this morning about the use of videos for your website. It was presented by one of our staff members, Hal, who has a remarkable amount of history in taking, editing, and producing video content for websites and businesses ranging from industrial B2B clients all the way to comic book convention …

Video Optimization: Video XML Sitemaps

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and video is an ever increasing component of SEO, with video results often outranking standard web results. Video XML sitemaps are one way to optimize your video content and help get it ranked in Google.

Why Video is Such an Important SEO Tool

Video content for you website is an increasingly important part of your search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy, even for B2B businesses and companies in the industrial industry. Find out why video is so important today, and what you’re site is missing out on by not including video content.