Mobile Search Usage Greatest at Home

The use of mobile smartphones to access the internet is a frequently-discussed topic here at Ecreative, and we’re even conducting some research on it with our own clients. We’re also paying very close attention to all research coming out about the growing trends of mobile smartphones.

Recent research released by Performics indicates that the most common time that mobile users access online searches with their smartphones is not while on the go, but in fact from home.

Possibly even more interesting is the number of users who are searching online with their phones while watching TV, or even while already at their computer!

With mobile access to the internet growing so rapidly, I suspect it’s only a matter of time before having a mobile version of a website becomes a requirement. In particular because I’m sure that Google (which controls an estimated 97% of mobile searches) may well start to rank mobile sites higher in search results for mobile users in their ongoing effort to provide a better and more customized search experience.