Trackable Share Icons v0.9 Released

Ecreative Internet Marketing has just released the new version 0.9 of the increasingly popular Trackable Social Share Icons WordPress plugin. As always, the latest version can be downloaded from for free.

Version 0.9 is the largest update yet, with a host of new features suggested by users, as well as a little fun one requested by me!

Trackable Social Share Icons v0.9 Features

  • Created “Advanced” section for cleaner admin page. CSS feature moved to Advanced section.
  • Added Trackable Social Share Icons widget
  • Added shortcode for greater post/page control
  • Added call function _trackableshare_embed() for use in templates
  • Added ability to upload custom button images
  • Added ability to add custom share links (advanced section)
  • Added Delicious social share option
  • Added Snail Mail social share option (oh yes we did!)

Version 0.9 has really rocketed the Trackable Social Share Icons features up, particularly for a lot of advanced users who want very specific control over the appearance. Now you can add your own social share sites, make your own buttons, and use the shortcode to have the icons appear anywhere in the page.

But without question my favorite item in this version is the addition of the Snail Mail social share option.

I’m happy to report that Mike, the developer at large in charge of the Trackable Social Share Icons, is already hard at work on the next version, bringing yet more features to the plugin.

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