Trackable Social Share Icons v1.0 Released

Please note: Support for this plugin is no longer available.

Ecreative Internet Marketing has released version 1.0 of the Trackable Social Share Icons WordPress plugin. The plugin is available for download free on

Version 1.0 is a significant upgrade with several new features, including the requested ability to turn off the icons on individual post pages (so you could have the social icons show up on every page of your blog except certain posts that you choose not to have them appear).

Version 1.0 adds this box in the admin beneath posts, where you can choose to disable the display of the social media icons.

Version 1.0 Changes:

  • Added a trackable Facebook “Like” button with optional faces and send options
  • Ability to hide social icons on the site home page
  • Ability to hide social icons on Category/Archive pages
  • Ability to hide social icons on individual post pages
  • Added ability to add text to the line before the buttons
  • Enhanced snail mail window
  • Fixed window focus issue

One of the largest feature additions in v1.0 is the addition of the Facebook Like button. With Facebook Likes becoming an increasingly important factor for driving traffic in now that Bing incorporates Facebook Likes as a ranking signal, we felt it was important to add the Like button to the plugin.

We’re very happy to see the Trackable Social Share Icons plugin continuing to grow in popularity, now used on thousands of blogs and websites. As always, if there are additional features you’d like to see in the plugin, please let us know!

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