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Fix for iframes in WordPress for YouTube Embed and Amazon Affiliates

By default, Wordpress doesn’t play very well with iframes. In the past this hasn’t been a problem, but now that YouTube is using iframes as their default code to embed their videos, it’s increasingly frustrating that Wordpress and iframes don’t get along. Here is a very simple fix to allow iframes to work flawlessly with your Wordpress blog.

How to Turn Off / On Comments in WordPress 3.1 +

The newer versions of Wordpress (3.1+) have made some changes to some of the default options in the admin section, and among those changes was some housekeeping to shuffle several options out of the way. In the process many people now don’t know where to go to turn off (or on) comments in their Wordpress blog. This simple guide covers how to use the new Screen Options (and where to find it) to access all of the customization options in Wordpress posts.

WordPress Trackable Social Share Icon Plugin Released | 2011

Ecreative Internet Marketing is thrilled to unveil our custom Wordpress plugin, Trackable Social Share Icons. This highly customizable plugin provides social media icons for your blog, and clicks automatically track in your Google Analytics. Best of all, we’re providing this plugin for free for anyone to use. vs. Self Hosted WordPress Blogs

Wordpress is by leaps and bounds the strongest blogging platform out there — Wordpress is intuitive and easy to use, robust, regularly updated, infinitely expandable, and best of all Wordpress is entirely free. There are, however, two different ways to start a Wordpress blog: you can host it yourself, which requires you to have web hosting somewhere, or you can let host it for you.