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Google & Leading Tech Companies Protest SOPA

Today many leading tech and web companies are protesting the SOPA and PIPA bills in the house and senate, respectively. Wikipedia is probably the largest name among the sites that are actually going dark — showing no content at all on the sites except a note about the protest. Google is the biggest name among …

SEO Impact of Google’s Continued Smartphone Push

Google’s latest announcement about yet more mobile-related search enhancements. The changes are good for smartphone searchers, but they continue to apply pressure to website owners to launch a mobile-optimized version of their site. The day that Google begins to use the presence of a mobile version as a ranking factors is nearly upon us.

Google Monthly Algorithm Updates: Dec 2011

Google has announced that they will be starting a monthly series listing some of the more significant algorithm updates they’ve made in the past month. This month’s update includes algorithm changes to help detect scraper sites better, and to devalue parked domains — those one-page sites with nothing but ads on them that are waiting for someone to offer them a fortune for their domain name.

Yahoo Site Explorer Shuts Down – No Good Alternatives

Yahoo Site Explorer officially shut down today, removing the best (and arguably only viable) free backlink tool on the web. With Bing apparently unwilling to fill that role, we take a look at what kind of alternatives there are to Yahoo Site Explorer, both free and paid.