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Google Freshness Update Affects 35% of Queries

Google has announced a Freshness update to their algorithm that will affect a whopping 35% of searches (more than twice what the Panda update affected). This update specifically targets broad keyword that are associated with timely information: breaking news, hot topics, recurring events, and product reviews.

Google Pushes Mobile Site Promotion & Best Practices

Google has launched a new site to promote the importance of mobile sites, as well as to inform users about the latest data and statistics of mobile internet usage. Their data is pretty impressive, and the site even includes a list of best practices and a mobile emulator.

Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam? No!

Google’s Matt Cutts went on record last week to answer a recurring question in the outskirts and corners of the SEO world: does Google consider SEO to be spam? The idea behind the question is that the SEO firm’s job is, ultimately, to manipulate search engine results to that their clients rank better: to perform …

Google to Start Hiding Keyword Data from Webmasters

In a startling move, Google will be hiding organic search query information from webmaster from users who are logged into Google. This information will still be passed along to paying Adwords customers, crushing Google’s claims that this move is being made for privacy reasons.

Google +1 on Display Ads

The Google +1 button is now showing on Google display network ads, and the +1 is tied to the landing page the ad is linking to, rather than the ad itself. This means you can leverage +1s to your site to improve the performance of your ads.