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QR Codes: the Superheroes of Barcodes?

With more and more people using Smartphones, QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere. QR Codes have nearly unlimited applications and can be seen almost everywhere, from billboards and stickers to the back of your server’s shirt at your favorite pub.

Google Launches updated Social Search Function

Google’s updated Social Search Function now shows your social media connections’ results integrated within the search results. This updated version searches Twitter, Flickr, Quora, LinkedIn or Google Reader to show applicable integrated content based on your search.

It’s Time to Pay Attention to Social Media

Social media gets lot of buzz and attention, but despite being a part of the marketing plans in 80% of B2B businesses, it’s still far too often dismissed. Before you shrug off social media as part of your marketing plan, take a moment to understand what you’re passing up.

What is Twitter & Why Should You Care?

Twitter isn’t just for telling your friends what kind of cereal you ate for breakfast — it can be a valuable tool in your offsite SEO arsenal that can increase your search engine rankings, drive more traffic to your site, and increase sales. Find out just what Twitter is and why you should care.