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Google Click Distribution – How Important is Number One?

Just how important is the number 1 position on Google? How many people click on the number 1 spot vs the number 2 and number 10 spot? Ecreative IM takes a look at some research that suggests exactly what the click distribution is for search engine results pages.

New Google Algorithm Affects Rankings

Google launched a significant change to their search algorithm that makes sites that copy (or steal) content from other sources less likely to rank in search engine results. While some SEOs are scrambling in damage-control mode, quality SEO that didn’t violate Google guidelines are unaffected, and at times even see a nice bump.

SEO: Can Bad or Paid Links Hurt Your Site?

Can bad links or paid links hurt your site in Google search engine results? Are paid link directories the yellow brick road leading to the top of search engine results, or will it lead you instead into being downranked or even black-listed? Find out what research suggests, and what Google has to say on the subject.

Eternal Mysteries of Google Pagerank

Ever wonder why your website, or another one, has a strangely low pagerank? Especially considering site size, traffic volumes, backlinks — where every indicator would suggest it should do better? Well, the eternal mysteries of Google pagerank can stump even seasoned SEO professionals sometimes.