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Google to Penalize Over SEO’d Sites

Some breaking news from SXSW spotted by Barry Schwartz: Google’s Matt Cutts said that they are actively working on an algorithm update to target what Matt called “overly-optimized” sites, where aggressive SEO has given them a somewhat unfair ranking advantage, sometimes over sites that have better content. Here is the direct quote from Matt Cutts: …

Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam? No!

Google’s Matt Cutts went on record last week to answer a recurring question in the outskirts and corners of the SEO world: does Google consider SEO to be spam? The idea behind the question is that the SEO firm’s job is, ultimately, to manipulate search engine results to that their clients rank better: to perform …

Matt Cutts Update on Hyphen vs Underscore URLs

Google’s Matt Cutts offers an update to the hyphen vs. underscore for SEO URLs status. He reaffirms that yes, Google still treats hyphens as a word separator, and still treats underscores as a word joiner. He confirms in unequivocal terms that you should use hyphens for your URLs.

Google Launching New Panda Update Soon

At the SMX Advanced conference recently Google’s Matt Cutts said that a new change to the Google Panda algorithm has recently been approved and will be going live soon. This new change is targeted at scraper sites, which sometimes outrank the original sites whose content they’re stealing.

SEO Basics: Hyphen or Underscore for SEO URLs?

SEO basics tackles the question of whether to use hyphens or underscores for your SEO URLs. There’s a surprising amount of debate over this topic, mostly due to one poorly worded comment made by Google; however, the right answer in this case is very clear.