Case Study: Reducing Internal Links Improves Rankings

In the months since we released our Internal Link Juice Tool, we’ve been using it ourselves to help clients improve the internal link structure of sites and as a result improve search engine rankings. Reducing the number of navigation links allows more benefit to flow from each link on the site, and since the navigation […]

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Google De-Indexing Private Link Networks

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Just after Google’s announcement that they were going to hit over-SEO’d sites, they have struck out to de-index many private link networks over the past week. This strike against the link networks appears to be unrelated to the over-optimization algorithm change Cutts talked about, which we’re still waiting to see in the weeks ahead. The […]

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Google to Penalize Over SEO’d Sites

Some breaking news from SXSW spotted by Barry Schwartz: Google’s Matt Cutts said that they are actively working on an algorithm update to target what Matt called “overly-optimized” sites, where aggressive SEO has given them a somewhat unfair ranking advantage, sometimes over sites that have better content. Here is the direct quote from Matt Cutts: […]

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Ecreative Launches Internal Link Juice Tool

Here at Ecreative Internet Marketing we work both in SEO and website development. As a result we have the advantage of spending a lot of time with a lot of clients rebuilding their sites from the ground up, where we can apply solid SEO website design principles. One of the topics that comes up and […]

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Google Revamps Search with Heavy Social Results

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Google announced the launch of “Plus Your World” change to the base Google search, that will incorporate Google+ posts, pages, and profiles (including private ones) into the search results.

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