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Internal Links and Site Structure: Anchor Text

The internal linking structure of your site is an important SEO aspect that you can leverage to increase your site’s ability to rank. A proper internal linking structure will enable your site to most effectively pass external link juice throughout your site.

SEO Impact of Google’s Continued Smartphone Push

Google’s latest announcement about yet more mobile-related search enhancements. The changes are good for smartphone searchers, but they continue to apply pressure to website owners to launch a mobile-optimized version of their site. The day that Google begins to use the presence of a mobile version as a ranking factors is nearly upon us.

Blog Comment Spam Can Hurt Your Rankings

Comment spam on blogs has been a problem for over a decade. But not only do those spam comments make your posts look bad, they can also hurt your site’s ability to rank. Pages with spam comments will tend to rank lower, and just removing spam comments can create a rankings boost.

Google Panda Update History: Dates Run

A brief history of the Panda algorithm update dates. If you think your site may have been affected by Google’s Panda, just compare your traffic drop with the dates of Panda updates. If they line up then Panda is likely the culprit; if not then something else is causing your ranking woes.

Google Monthly Algorithm Updates: Dec 2011

Google has announced that they will be starting a monthly series listing some of the more significant algorithm updates they’ve made in the past month. This month’s update includes algorithm changes to help detect scraper sites better, and to devalue parked domains — those one-page sites with nothing but ads on them that are waiting for someone to offer them a fortune for their domain name.