v1.1 of Trackable Social Share Icons with Google +1 Button

Please note: Support for this plugin is no longer available.

We have released version 1.1 of the Trackable Social Share Icons WordPress plugin, which now incorporates the Google +1 button into the social media sharing options.

Now in addition to offering the ability to share posts via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Stumble Upon, and many other social networks, you can also offer users the ability to +1 any post and share it on the new Google+ social network (Google now lets Google+ users share a post when they +1 it).

When you update your Trackable Social Share Icons you’ll see a new option in the admin:

The new Google +1 button options appears below the Facebook Like options in the admin. You can choose whether or not to show the +1 count, and if so whether to show it as a bubble, or inline. Currently the only position option for the Google +1 button is below the other social icons (it cannot appear inline with them).

Why Google +1?

We felt it was important to add the Google +1 button to Trackable Social Share Icons because of the potentially large impact it can make on your search engine rankings. Google +1 isn’t just another social sharing option: it has all the advantages of other social media, including driving referral traffic to your site by making it easier for your users to share your content. But in addition to that, the +1 button has the potential to improve your search engine rankings.

Google is allowing the +1 button to affect search engine rankings in two ways. The first is that people connected to others who have +1’d a post will see that post possibly rank better and see the face of the contacts who have +1’d it. But also, if you collect enough +1’s, that could improve your search engine rankings even for people that have no connection on Google: in other words, if you get a lot of +1’s, your organic rankings could improve as a result.

As always, if you have any questions or requests for features, please leave us a comment and let us know!

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  • I am hoping you can help? I have inserted the Trackable Sharing widget into a right sidebar. However, the “Be the first of your friends to like this.” text is not wrapping within the sidebar – it’s running over on the right and staying on one line. Is there a way to force wrap this text in the widget area? Or bump Facebook icon to next line all together?

  • Alas we do not have a way to force Facebook’s text to wrap. Your best bet would be to just remove the Facebook Like button — it takes up a lot of space and the way the plugin calls the Facebook API doesn’t let us just show the button without the text.

  • Thanks for responding. Removing FB Like Button is, unfortunately, not an option for us. But, thanks anyway.

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