Zoom! Smash! Why SEO is Like Roller Derby

Zoom! Smash! Did you know that search engine optimization is just like roller derby? SEO and derby veteran Amy “Kat Skratch Eva” lays down the three top things that SEO and roller derby have in common!

Pay per Click: The Three Rules of Conversions

In Pay per Click marketing campaigns, conversion is king. Why spend money on clicks that you know aren’t going to buy from you? Find out the Three Rules of Pay per Click Conversions and get more sales for your ad budget by improving your conversion rate.

SEO Basics: What is a Meta Tag?

What is a meta tag? What are the SEO benefits of the Description and Keywords meta tag? This SEO Basics guide explains the use and history of the two primary SEO meta tags, as well as just how important they really are.

Beware Sites Offering Free WordPress Themes

If you own a blog, you probably are in the market for a new, fresh-looking Wordpress theme from time to time. Beware websites offering free Wordpress themes! WPMU recently found that a staggering 9 out of the top 10 free Wordpress theme websites bury malicious code in their themes, which are often stolen. Find out what they’re doing, and who you can trust for new Wordpress themes.

Website Optimization is Like Losing Weight

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know that there are no miracle solutions that can sculpt your couch potato lifestyle into a toned athlete’s body overnight. What many people don’t realize is that optimizing your website for search engine traffic works exactly the same way. Like losing weight, it requires steady work over time to see steady progress over time.