SEO Basics: What is SEO?

What is SEO? In a field where it’s all we think about, it’s easy to forget that a lot of the world has never even heard the term let alone given it any thought. Here’s a simple definition and explanation of what SEO is, and why it’s so important.

Eternal Mysteries of Google Pagerank

Ever wonder why your website, or another one, has a strangely low pagerank? Especially considering site size, traffic volumes, backlinks — where every indicator would suggest it should do better? Well, the eternal mysteries of Google pagerank can stump even seasoned SEO professionals sometimes.

The Importance of Being Earnest…About Your Cost Per Conversion

The average business owner has been bombarded for the last 5 years with the idea that search marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing available, and to a point that is true. However, if you’re running any type of search campaign without any metric for results, how do you measure success? Detailing out your …