Comprehensive Web Assessments

It’s time to get serious. Your website has the potential to be a lead-generating powerhouse for your business. Are you ready to take an in depth look at your website health? It might not be pretty, but at the end you’ll have the motivation and knowledge to hit the ground running. Our comprehensive web assessments give you concrete techniques for improving your search engine visibility, site usability and overall web performance.

Our search engine marketing experts will take a fine toothed comb through your website content, structure, innerlinking and appearance. Our web assessments provide expert opinions on what current tactics on the website are out of shape. The successful aspects of your site will be highlighted so you can build upon that success and further your online reach.

Our web designers, trained in search engine friendly design, will take a look at the backend of your site. Through examining the site code and page functionality, we will diagnose any problems. Our web assessments include a meeting with you on ways to fix site functionality and how to better move forward with your site design. Ideas will include navigation restructuring, code cleanup and better content management.

Web assessments also include scoping out your competition to see how they’re faring in the online marketplace. We’ll point out where your competition excels and where you trump them. We’ll help you stay a step ahead of your competitors with a list of ideas to outshine them online.

Our comprehensive web assessments pick up where our free assessments leave off. We give you the knowledge plus a toolkit of ideas and techniques for winning online marketing. Because we know our stuff, the information in your assessment will be an essential roadmap to online achievement.

  • A complete report of your website’s performance
  • Your rankings and visibility in the top search engines
  • A technical review of your site code, site loading time and content management
  • Analysis of additional online marketing such as current email, blog and press release efforts
  • Reports on your competition’s online marketing performance and tactics
  • Recommendations based specifically for your site
  • Usability improvement recommendations
  • Social marketing methods appropriate for your niche
  • Education and consulting about our recommendations
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