Social Marketing Programs

Social marketing is necessary because social networks and online communities are exercising great influence on the minds and purchasing decisions of consumer groups across the web. The markets you are trying to reach are now comprised of an exciting community of voices that you can no longer speak to, but must speak with in order to profit and thrive in on and offline business. Welcome to Web 2.0!

Social media marketing harnesses the power of person-to-person contact through the spread of information and increases your website’s visibility both inside and outside of the search engines. Ecreative Internet Marketing offers professional social marketing optimization programs for your business. Our social marketing optimization (SMO) campaigns include but are not limited to:

  •  Set up and maintenance of social profiles. Ecreativeworks sets up and maintains up to date company profiles at major social media sites. Creating and maintaining a current profile is essential to establishing your online presence and giving a “face” to your name.
  • Submission of content. Submitting content to social bookmarking sites, forums, and other online media sites. This can include blog development, article marketing, press releases and more.
  • Engagement with others.   Interaction with other users benefits your business’s online profiles on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and helps ensure that content you submit to social sites gains visibility.  
  • Link Building.Clicking a link from a trusted source is one of the most popular ways for people to find a new website. Incoming links can help search engines build trust in your site and visitors’ trust in you and your company. 

If you’re ready to explore the benefits of SMO, contact Ecreative. We’ll review your goals and website, designing a social marketing program just for you to maximize your success.