When it comes to internet marketing, there is no one size fits all program. The specific strategies, tactics and approaches to internet marketing vary with each site. At Ecreative Internet Marketing we review each site and put together a proposal that we think will bring you success and strong ROI.

Here are some groundwork pricing levels for basic/simple internet marketing programs. For pricing specific for you, please contact us to request a quote.

Program / Services

Starting Rate


Monthly SEO Program


In our monthly SEO programs we work each month to improve organic search engine rankings to drive relevant traffic that generates leads or sales. Larger sites and more competitive niches will require larger programs.
Monthly Social Media Management


In a monthly social media program our team will set up your social media accounts and actively monitor them, seeking out and joining relevant conversations to build followers. Larger and more active accounts require larger programs.
Monthly Pay Per Click Management

$400+ & setup

Our Google Adwords Certified PPC team will set up and optimize your pay per click accounts. We will monitor your accounts continuously, managing ad spend budgets and running tests to increase relevant traffic that converts into leads/sales, while reducing irrelevant traffic and expense. Cost of the program is based on the complexity of your PPC account.
Monthly Google Shopping Feed Management


In this program our internet marketing team monitors your Google Shopping Feed for errors, adds new products as they become available, and makes strategic adjustments to optimize position. Creating a shopping feed is billed as a separate, one-time project.
Mass Email Campaigns

$450+ / email

Our copywriters will interview you to learn what you want to share, and write your eblast to your specifications. We’ll then format it within an existing template (we can create a custom template for you) and send it out to your opt-in email list.

The size of a program – and thus the cost – is going to vary with the size, current position, competition, and goals of a site as well as how quickly you want to achieve those goals.

A small, mostly static site of 20-30 pages could benefit from a minimal SEO program, while a large ecommerce in a competitive niche might need a much larger program to have any chance of gaining ground.

The rate of growth – in traffic, sales, leads, or search engine rankings – is also proportional to the size of your monthly program. The more time our internet marketing team has to work on your site, the faster they will be able to produce the results you want.