International Search Engine Optimization

Google and Yahoo have the majority of the search engine market share here in the United States. However, many other international search engines have a dominant presence in other countries. It is important to account for the international methods of search and the different search engines that your customers use, whether nationally or internationally. With our International Search Engine Optimization program, we will work with you to help you achieve the best results in the search engines that your international customers are using. Our goal is to help you achieve good ranking in search engines that your audience actively uses.

Search Engine Optimization Programs

Ecreative offers you the international optimization program that fits your business needs. If you request an international SEO program from us, we conduct initial research on your website. We look at the structure of the website, the content, the SEO techniques you might currently use, and any other form of internet marketing that may have an effect on the search results. From there, we make our customized recommendations, all with the goal of achieving high search visibility for international search engines.

Initial Search Engine Optimization

Our Initial Search Engine Optimization program is geared to give you a boost in the international search engines. The goal of the initial optimization is to give your monthly program a concrete base. Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that may not have immediate results like Pay Per Click, but the results of international internet marketing are often long lasting. In order to help gain visibility in the search engines in a monthly program, we like to set the stage for optimal results with the initial program. Some of the recommendations and techniques that may be employed are:

  • Navigation Restructure
  • Updating Source Code to be SEO Friendly
  • Keyword Research base upon the targeted country.
  • Content development and localized saturation

Once the recommendations from the initial optimization program are implemented, Ecreative lets the search engines come back to your website to reindex the changes that have been made. After 60 to 120 days, we would start your monthly SEO Program.

Monthly Search Engine Optimization

Our International Monthly Program is similar to a standard Search Engine Optimization program, but the reports are more customized for the local area and the recommendations may vary. Our monthly programs generally cover all of the following: 

  • Localized keyword research
  • Onsite techniques and saturation to keep your pages and content fresh.
  • Monthly analysis of traffic and keyword ranking.
  • Research and analysis of your targeted audience and marketplace.
  • Link building & aspects of social marketing

A monthly international SEO program with Ecreative allows our experts to monitor your website’s international performance. You can think of us as an extension to your company and marketing team. We are here to help you make the right decisions and changes to your website with the international search engines in mind.

A Growing Internet Marketing Team

Ecreative’s Search Engine Optimization Team is growing every month. We have over 50 monthly clients and over 100 website projects on a regular basis that we are a part of. Achieving high visibility in the international search engines is the best investment you are going to make – let Ecreative Internet Marketing help you. Request a quote today!