SEO Copywriting Content Organization & Development

When writing for business or industry, it’s important to remember that technical people want technical information. However, SEO Copywriting for business websites requires a different approach from writing and preparing content for print documents and publications. You are selling to engineers, managers, purchasing agents, and other technical people, but writing for two audiences: humans and search engines. 

As a partner with Ecreative:

  • You will work with an SEO website design specialist who will help restructure your SEO copywriting so it is rich with keywords and gets higher rankings on the search engines.
  • We will gather information to develop your content from interviews, research and existing references.
  • We will write copy that presents your company well, and is also saturated with keywords, and includes headers and appropriate linking strategies for search engine optimization.

We will help determine the images that best present your products and services. We work your images and also offer photography services to provide clean images and work to label them for the search engine recognition.

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