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Blog Development & SEO Services

For a business seeking to increase traffic to your website through enhanced search engine visibility, a SEO-friendly blog is probably the single best step to achieve your goals. With proper attention paid to SEO elements, a regularly updated blog provides all of the following to your website:

  • Increased website content - search engines favor sites with more pages of unique text content
  • Regular updates - search engines favor sites that are regularly updated. In addition, by including excerpts of your RSS feed on the home page of your site, every time you update your blog you will also be updating your home page!
  • Increased longtail search capture — because your blog can cover a wide range of topics in much more detail than your site, blogs are excellent at catching a lot of longtail traffic that your site would otherwise miss out on.

At Ecreative Internet Marketing, we provide full SEO blog development services. Whether you just need someone to set up your custom blog look and functionality, or you need some coaching on how the software works, or even if you want full copywriting services of a SEO professional writing your blog posts, Ecreative Internet Marketing has a program for you.

At Ecreative Internet Marketing, we use the popular Wordpress blog platform for all of our custom blogs. Wordpress is the most popular, robust, expandable, and easy to use blog software available today. Best of all, the software itself is free, so you only have to pay for the visual design and any added functionality you want.

Your Blog as the Heart of Your Social Media Program

If you are considering, or have begun, a social media marketing program, a blog serves as the heart of your social media efforts. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter provide a unique new avenue to connect and interact with customers. But while social media is the conversation, the blog is what you’re talking about.

A regularly updated blog provides valuable content for your social marketing strategy and acts as the launching point for social media conversations. Every time you update your blog, you’re adding content to your site, updating your home page (where you have the RSS feed), and providing updates for Facebook and Twitter.

Your blog is the beating heart of your web marketing that keeps everything else flowing in the right direction.

See Blogs in Action

Visit our blogs about Industrial Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing. They are maintained by our SEO Team on a regular basis and have brought us some great traffic and leads! Our blogs can be found in the search engines, sometimes higher than our website. This reinforces the importance of providing different avenues for your customers to find you with. Content in a press release, a blog, a website all attract a customer at the different stages of the buying cycle.

Benefits of Creating a Business Blog:

  • Drive new traffic to your industrial website
  • Reach a new audience.
  • Create a social network with your subscribers.
  • Give a company another listing in the search results.
  • You can write optimized content to target keywords and different audiences.
  • Builds your authority in a topic or area of expertise.

For a full rundown of the many SEO benefits of a blog you can read our Benefits of B2B Blogging &mdash- which is of course on our blog!

Contact Ecreative Internet Marketing to learn more about blog development and blog hosting. Our team will be happy to help you take the next step in building an online presence for your business, enhancing your search engine visibility, and making new connections to Web 2.0!