Search Engine Optimization & B2B Internet Marketing

Ecreative Internet Marketing drives online success through search engine optimization to increase search engine traffic and leads. With Minneapolis, MN and California offices, we specialize in the B2B industrial sector understanding the distinctive needs of B2B industrial clients. We know how to turn traffic into leads through optimizing your website for clarity and efficiency. Whether your conversions are online purchases, requests for quote or phone inquiries, we will find a way to increase them through ethical internet marketing techniques.

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  • Our Minneapolis, MN search engine optimization team has been here from the start, with over 10 years of experience in B2B industrial internet marketing.
  • We bring your business into the web world with cutting edge internet marketing and interactive techniques
  • We represent top B2B industrial, manufacturing and technology companies across the country, with offices in Mineapolis, Minnesota and Southern California

Building Relationships

Enhance and build your relationships with clients and prospects with effective B2B email marketing and SEO copywriting services. Send your information direct to inboxes and benefit from keeping your website within easy reach.

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Increased Visibility

Search engine optimization is essential to your success! Top-quality SEO consulting can increase and maintain your visibility on the web. Use local search to attract your customers nearest you.

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Target Your Audience

Supplement and enhance your SEO efforts with target pay per click campaigns. Remarketing allows you to leverage Google's display network to give you a second chance at capturing users who didn't purchase from you on their first visit.

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Create an active internet presence with a variety of media and social marketing tools. Communicate directly with your potential clients and add that personal touch.

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SEO & Internet Marketing for B2B Companies

Even in the B2B world, the internet is now the number one way that other businesses search for products and services, including custom products. If your website is not ranking in the top of search engine results for the words your customers are searching, then your company is missing out on the majority of new customers in your market.  

Ecreative Internet Marketing specializes in gaining traffic and new customers for the B2B and industrial industries through ethical search engine optimization and internet marketing techniques. With offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Southern California, our search engine optimization specialists have decades of combined experience in applying search engine optimization and internet marketing practices to the industrial and B2B business world.

Our search engine optimization specialists work out of our Minneapolis, Minnesota offices with company across the country, working with them on a consulting or monthly basis to increase relevant traffic to their websites through any or all of the following proven internet marketing techniques:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social marketing Strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Video marketing and video search engine optimization
  • Website design with an eye to search engine optimization
  • SEO copywriting, including web pages, press releases, and even blogs
  • Building backlinks to increase your site's authority
  • Local and international search engine optimization
  • Keyword analysis to ensure that your web strategy is targeting the most relevant and highly searched traffic
  • Competitor analysis -- we don't just pay attention to your site, but keep an eye on the competition


Whether you’re looking for a website redesign, a monthly SEO program, or a one-time SEO consultation to enhance your web presence, Ecreative Internet Marketing has the knowledge and experience to achieve your goals.