5 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Update Your Website Content

Everyone in the marketing industry has heard the phrase “content is king” more times than they can count—but for good reason. Creating a website is a great first step, but if your website is not regularly updated, your traffic can stagnate. A website is not a one-and-done project, but a continual process that should evolve with your company. Publishing fresh, new content on a regular basis is the key to building a successful website and growing your business.

If you have a website, here are five reasons why you should be updating your content regularly.

1.    Increase Traffic to Your Website

Search Engines love new and updated content. When Google scans your website to recommend information to users, it looks for signs that your website is active. If you haven’t updated your content in over a year, a search engine will take that as a sign that your information isn’t current or helpful and will drop your search rankings.

On the other hand, if you are regularly posting content that is relevant to your audience, a search engine is more likely to recommend you, leading to higher rankings and increased traffic to your website.

2.    Establish Authority for Higher Search Rankings

Not only is publishing updated content going to tell search engines that you are still active, but it will also establish your website as an authority. The more content you put out that answers your audience’s questions, and the more pages you publish with relevant keywords, the more Google will want to recommend you to users.

It’s important for search engines to view you as an authority, but it’s just as important for your audience to view you that way as well. When someone goes to a website, they expect to see up-to-date information that answers their question. By meeting this expectation, you are building credibility with your audience.

3.    Attract Repeat Visitors to Your Website

Not only does regularly published content attract new visitors, but it will keep old ones coming back for more. If you publish content on a consistent schedule, your audience will begin to expect this pattern from you. They will know that if they have new questions, your website is the place to go for new information.

It also keeps your site interesting and shows that you are dedicated to your company and the way your company is perceived. These can both lead to repeat customers.

4.    Evolve Your Content as You Evolve with Your Industry

A website is a constantly evolving process because your industry is also constantly evolving. The content that you published on your website two years ago may be no longer relevant today. Regularly updating your content allows you to participate in industry trends or change information that isn’t applicable anymore.

Maybe you’ve switched some of the products you offer, or you’ve changed your service packages, or maybe someone has discovered a new way to use your product. The market is constantly changing, and you want to be able to keep pace with it and adapt.

5.    Keep Your Website Compliant with the Law

Similar to market trends, legislation affecting your website or industry evolve over time. Recently, GDPR regulations went into effect, meaning every online business needed to update their privacy policy in order to comply with the law. Changes may also be coming in the future with the repeal of net neutrality. Regularly updating your website content allows you to adapt to these changes quickly, and to always be ready for evolving policy changes.

Keeping up with fresh content while also maintaining your business may seem overwhelming. At Ecreativeworks, we work with you to create a custom marketing strategy and to write new, compelling content to drive more traffic to your website.

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