Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns deliver your website and message straight to inboxes. Ecreative Internet Marketing's Minnesota email marketing team provides targeted email marketing without creating spam.

Reach interested clients and website visitors with topical, informative email blasts that encourage your customers to return to your website for a variety of reasons, including newsletters, product updates and promotions. Our custom email marketing campaign programs give subscribers the ability to opt in or out as they choose.

Why should you start an email marketing campaign? Here are just a few reasons:
  • Drive more purchases of replacement parts, upgrades and product technical support.
  • Drive referrals in the form of email forwards from satisfied past customers.
  • Rekindle relationships with previous customers.
  • Announce “Buy Now” specials.
  • Share the latest developments in the company or industry.
  • Provide reminders for the products that need yearly maintenance.
  • Stay in the minds of your customers so that when they are ready to purchase, they go to you first.
Depending on your goals, we can advise your newsletter or email campaign or provide a full-service content creation and mailing program. Our team members know exactly how to write informative, link-rich email content that will drive traffic to your website. If you wish to send email blasts based on specific groups of subscribers, we can do that as well. This gives you added ability to customize your email marketing message as needed.
Ecreative's email marketing team is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and handles a vast array of email marketing campaigns for clients around the country.

Email Marketing Tracking

An important part of every email marketing campaign is tracking of your email blasts. Ecreative's email marketing includes custom reporting, prepared by our Minnesota email marketing specialists. With every email marketing piece you send out we'll track exactly how many people are opening your email, how many are clicking on links, which links they're clicking, how many are bouncing and which email addresses are now bad.

Email marketing tracking is vital to the success of an email marketing campaign. This tracking gives the ability to run segmentation tests for your email campaign, learning what the best frequency, and day to send your email blasts are. The best way to structure an email marketing campaign varies from company to company, and from email list to email list. Only through experience and email tracking can you optimize your email marketing efforts -- and Ecreative Internet Marketing offers both experience and thourough tracking.

Email Marketing Newsletter Development

Newsletters aren’t a thing of the past.  They’re still valuable ways of communicating, whether they’re digital or print.  Let a newsletter development program from Ecreative Internet Marketing share your information with website visitors, subscribers, and more.  We can assist you in creating and publishing your newsletter every step of the way.  Your newsletter marketing strategy can be part of your email marketing program or an area of your website where you create regular new content. 

All of our newsletter campaigns are designed to be search engine friendly and to help you increase or maintain visibility in the search engines.  Our newsletter creation team knows how to create the content that gets you noticed, by search engines and by website visitors. 

Ecreative can help you customize the newsletter or email campaigns to fit the needs of your company. Each newsletter or email that is delivered to a client can be customized depending on its goals. Contact Ecreative Internet Marketing today to learn more about our programs!