International Internet Marketing Programs

Ecreative customizes our recommendations for your International website or Internet Marketing programs based upon our conversations with you, your needs, and the final goal you are trying to reach. Some of the projects or programs we can manage for you are Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and Website Development. We can also provide consultation on a regular basis or as a one time deal.
Search Engine Optimization
Ecreative provides search engine optimization services in every aspect of our web development, but we also provide programs that are geared towards gaining visibility in the search engines. We have initial and monthly programs that are focused around your target audience, the language they search in, and the search engines they use.
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click (PPC) can be an effective way to attract visitors and conversions. International PPC expands your ads’ reach with specific copy, keywords, and more to capture your market. With Ecreative, PPC management is easy and international. 

PPC is a booming industry, and there’s a lot of competition out there.  Our team knows how to write the ad copy that will get you noticed for your keywords and encourage relevant clicks that lead to conversions.  Combined with optimized landing pages, we can turn your PPC around or develop a brand new campaign.  Just for you. 

 We also test our PPC methods and continually work to ensure that your PPC campaign benefits from that.  Your PPC ads will benefit from their continual refinement of ad copy, titles, and keywords.  And to top it off, our knowledge of PPC is AdWords certified. 

Our PPC campaign managers know who’s footing the bill, so we work closely with you to create targeted campaigns that maximize your budget and ad visibility.  We’ll take the daily management of the campaign off your hands, freeing up your time, and present you with monthly reports recapping your PPC spending and visability.

Website Development
Intelligent website development is critical to any website’s success, especially your international site. Ecreative builds your site with search engines in mind – even engines halfway around the world. Your international website will have a head start in gaining visibility and visitors.
Content Translated & Localized
Every website visitor, wherever they are, should be able to get content that’s relevant to them and in a language they understand – their own. Your international site will need translated content that meets the needs of your market abroad. Our team helps you get your content written and professionally translated for any audience.
One Time or Monthly Consultation
With a one-time optimization or a monthly optimization program, we work to get your website visibility in multiple search engines, especially those in your markets abroad. We know what your site needs to be successful and we help you get there.hly reports detailing what you’re paying for.  You’ll see our recommendations on how to spend your ad budget and know exactly what your ROI is. 

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