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Ecreative Internet Marketing is dedicated to creating and maintaining sites that are fully optimized for both search engines and web users. By paying attention to how you set up your website’s navigation, you have the opportunity to optimize your visitors’ experience and encourage search engines to spider your site deeply and index more pages.
For example, how does Flash or image-based navigation affect usability and SEO? Flash menus can prevent search engines from exploring your site and if your visitors don’t have the right version of Flash, they won’t see your navigation at all. Image-based navigation is also difficult for search engines to dive into, because search engines can’t read the image text.  You’ll lose out on the opportunity to gain ranking for important keywords in the navigation.

Every page in your site is an opportunity to incorporate the keywords and phrases that will bring you traffic. Good navigation is an important part of search engine optimization to making sure the search engines reach every page and rank you for the keywords you’re focusing on.  When working with your site, we make sure each navigation link contains appropriate keywords to ensure relevance and enhanced page rank. Your menu is a major roadmap to your site, both for search engines and your potential customers. 

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