PPC Integration with SEO

Many companies choose to implement a pay per click campaign in addition to their SEO efforts. PPC and SEO can have great synergy when managed properly, but if improperly managed your pay per click campaign can end up cannibalizing your SEO traffic – effectively paying for traffic that you could get for free.

At Ecreative Internet Marketing our Google Adwords Certified PPC team work on SEO as well as pay per click for our clients, ensuring that PPC and SEO campaigns complement and enhance one another, rather than competing against each other. If you have SEO efforts handled in-house or by another agency, our PPC specialists can communicate with them to discuss overlap of keyword phrases, keywords that would benefit from SEO targeting, and keyword testing.

Our goal is always to maximize your sales and profits, and all of our efforts and recommendations are targeted toward that goal. We don’t just manage your pay per click campaigns in a vacuum – we always keep the big picture in mind.

SEO & PPC Synergy

PPC and SEO have a lot of synergy when managed well. Your pay per click campaign can be used to inform and improve your SEO strategy, while capturing traffic as  your SEO campaign is building momentum.

Some of the benefits that PPC offers to an active SEO campaign include:

  • Keyword Conversion Testing: Pay per click is more nimble than SEO and can quickly test different keywords, gaining top visibility in minutes rather than months. PPC can be used to identify which keyword traffic converts best on your site, so that you don’t spend months of SEO time targeting an underperforming phrase.
  • Landing Page Testing: Much like with keyword conversions, PPC can conduct A/B testing with different landing pages to determine what kind of on-site presentation is most likely to drive a customer to purchase or request a quote.
  • Capture High Competition Phrases: in almost every industry there are some keyword phrases that are very competitive. It is much more challenging to rise to the top of the rankings for these keywords, sometimes taking a year or more of sustained SEO effort. A pay per click campaign allows you to capture this traffic immediately, and benefit from the traffic while your SEO is slowly building organically.
  • Greater Visibility: Pay per click can also help increase your relevant traffic even when you already rank well organically for a keyword. Because ads are always displayed before search results, sometimes capturing an ad position in addition to a top organic position results in a large gain in traffic – after all, the more often your company is shown, the less room there is for any competitors. This strategy must be measured carefully, however, to verify that you aren’t cannibalizing traffic.

If you have a current SEO program and are interested in learning more about whether to add a pay per click campaign, or how a PPC campaign could be integrated into your SEO, please Contact Us today.